The power of to-do lists!

Feeling bored? Having too much of ideas on mind but struggling to bring them on implementation? Then, this answer will be helpful to you.

Today, I learned the importance of creating to-do lists.

The first step of the task management is to list down the tasks itself. It has a lot to do with the focus of our human brain.

Quoting from the article, The science behind concentration and improved focus – Sandglaz Blog, “Focusing on a task is a lot like focusing your vision. It is essentially a top-down process. When you make the decision to focus on something, your brain first takes in all the visual information and starts to process that information to tell you what you should focus on.”

The most notable point is, “once your focus is broken, it can take up to 25 minutes to return to the original task”. Yes, it takes a lot to focus on a particular task, but due to various reasons, if we lose the focus, we may also lose our track with follow ups.

And hence to do lists play a major role helping us prioritizing our tasks and provides multiple options to seek collaboration from our peers. We can also draw our timeline of the tasks with the help of to-do lists.

There are various tools for creating the to-do lists. The most popular one among them is, Google Keep.

Many of you might be familiar with it already.

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