Inside the world’s best education system! #Finland

Imagine yourself being a school-going student, and think of the following!

  • Very less homework that can be completed within 30 minutes every day or no homework
  • No rank / No competition / No high stake exams till the age of 16
  • A 15-minute break for every 45 minute class period
  • Same class teacher for 6 consecutive years
  • Free lunch; free books; free school trips; free education!

Sounds exciting?!

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India’s National Education Policy 2020 — History, Highlights, and Findings!

On July 29, 2020, the Cabinet Government of India approved the new National Education Policy (commonly referred as ‘NEP’) in India. This is a policy change in the world’s largest democratic, that’s happening almost after 34 years! Let’s dive deep.

Headnote for the readers:

If you work on non-education sector, and wish to know only the highlights of the policies, then scroll down till you see ‘Highlights of NEP’

If you’re an existing or an aspiring educator, and someone from the education sector —who wants to know the historical context of the policy and what’s done so far, start reading from here.

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The happiest country’s Education System! #Bhutan

All of us would have heard about this term GDP (the Gross Domestic Product) of countries — especially during the COVID-19 times, when it is quite obvious that our focus turns into the Economy of countries which are badly affected.

Have you heard of GNH (Gross National Happiness)?

Welcome to Bhutan, the country in which the Government is guided by the metrics of Gross National Happiness!

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