Is Engineering Education a waste of time?

Why do many people in India say that engineering is just a waste of time?
Putting in simple words, it’s all about Demand Vs Supply.

In the early 2000s, the software industry had a bloom and the technological innovations was rapidly on the rise. The technology industry required so many engineers, and interestingly, they were offered with a lot of salary just because they were very less in numbers.

The demand was so high and the supply was less. In that scenario, a lot more people wanted to pursue Engineering as careers, to find a job and get an enahnced lifestyle.

But, slowly things changed.

In the year 2020 we are right now in – there are more than 4200+ colleges in India. Source: Engineering education in India – Wikipedia

The number of Engineers that we produce are far more than the demand. The equation has become like, the supply is so high but the demand is low. That’s the reason for so much of unemployment among Engineers and lack of lucrative jobs.

But, in case if you’re purusing Engineering as a passion, not just because you want to get a job and settle in life, not just you need a good employment but to genuinely, learn, know and solve problems – I’d recommend go ahead and do it, without giving a second thought. Because, in my humble opinion we need more of passionate Engineers who can solve the problems, not only in the technology industry, but across domains, especially in a growing country like India!


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