All about time and how to manage it!

Time is precious to all of us; It is the irrevocable code that we are programming everyday. It’s important that we utilize the same for the benefit of everyone and our own self. How can I improve my timing?— The most common, yet the powerful answer to this, will be through practice. Yes, things don’t… Continue Reading →

The power of to-do lists!

Feeling bored? Having too much of ideas on mind but struggling to bring them on implementation? Then, this answer will be helpful to you. — Today, I learned the importance of creating to-do lists. The first step of the task management is to list down the tasks itself. It has a lot to do with… Continue Reading →

Is Engineering Education a waste of time?

Why do many people in India say that engineering is just a waste of time?Putting in simple words, it’s all about Demand Vs Supply. In the early 2000s, the software industry had a bloom and the technological innovations was rapidly on the rise. The technology industry required so many engineers, and interestingly, they were offered… Continue Reading →

These two surprise skills can make you a great engineer!

First of everything – let’s try to uncover the most required competencies of every Engineer. #1 Technical skills – While you know a little about many of the technologies, it’s important to develop one key specialized technical skill relevant to a particular domain. Every engineer gets to learn this at their college or in the early… Continue Reading →

Strategies to engage the learners during online sessions!

Online classes are the ‘new normal’ now. Starting from regular school/college to learning new courses and extra-curricular skills, the students are going virtual to learn anything. There are different challenges in an online class for a facilitator — the key and important question has always been how to keep the learners engaged? Though, the online classes… Continue Reading →

The happiest country’s Education System! #Bhutan

All of us would have heard about this term GDP (the Gross Domestic Product) of countries — especially during the COVID-19 times, when it is quite obvious that our focus turns into the Economy of countries which are badly affected. Have you heard of GNH (Gross National Happiness)? Welcome to Bhutan, the country in which the Government is guided by the… Continue Reading →

Finding the right virtual tool for your next online class!

The COVID-19 has changed our lives drastically. The world is slowly becoming virtual — especially, the education sector is going through a massive transformation in terms of providing online learning experience without compromising on the quality. At EduRise, we try our best to support the educators by helping them gain the most valuable virtual skills… Continue Reading →

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